SMR Hydrogen Plants

Pan American Hydrogen offers state-of-the-art technologies with :

  • Cylindrical Single or Dual Reformers for Plants from 250 to 13,600 Nm3/hr (0.2 to 12.2 MMSCFD)
  • Terrace Wall™ Reformers from Foster Wheeler for Plants from 13,600 to 22,000 Nm3/hr (12.2 to 20 MMSCFD).

Provides these plants either on a turn-key basis or FOB Ex-works
fabrication shop in Harlingen, Texas, USA. All which are custom engineered
and fabricated to the following industries, among others:


  • Petrochemical Manufacturers
  • Petroleum Refiners
  • Biofuels Refiners
  • Metals Industry
  • Glass Manufacturers
  • Electronics
  • Vegetable Oil Refiners



Pan American Hydrogen covers a wide variety of services, including feasibility studies, process design, mechanical design, electrical and process control design, materials and equipment procurement, modular fabrication, on-site assembly and start-up:

PH2 plants are designed to produce high purity hydrogen of 99.999% from:

  • Natural Gas
  • LP Gas
  • Methanol
  • Naptha


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