Pan American Hydrogen is a Modular Plants Manufacturer with more than 34 years of experience manufacturing Hydrogen Generation Plants, where Hydrogen is generated by Steam Hydrocarbon Reforming (SHR or SMR), followed by a shift conversion of carbon monoxide and subsequently by a purification process of pressure swing adsorption (P.S.A.).

Depending on the availability of different feedstocks, Pan American Hydrogen can provide plant designs based on Natural Gas, LPG, Methanol or Naphtha. and customizes plants to meet customers' needs at the most competitive prices, maintaining optimal investment costs (CAPEX) and/or operational costs (OPEX). Thus, Pan American Hydrogen, effectively supports the market where Hydrogen is used by manufacturers in the Steel and Glass industries, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical industries, Electronics, Refinery, Biofuels and Power Generation Industries

Pan American Hydrogen specializes in Modular Hydrogen Generation Plant manufacturing. Provides full Turn-Key projects covering from the Design of up to 13,620 Nm3H (12.2 MMSCFD) capacity plants, to the Procurement and Fabrication of all equipment, Commissioning, and Start-Up.


  • Proccess Design
  • Control Design and Programming
  • Construction
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Start- up

Pan American Hydrogen has two basic functions:

1. Design and constructs complete Turn-Key Projects for new skid mounted Hydrogen Generating Plants (HGP) or Hydrogen Purification Units (PSA). Also, Pan American Hydrogen is able to supply the technical service and equipment to Upgrade existing older HGP or PSA.

2. Supply field technical services to any hydrogen plant wheter constructed by Pan American Hydrogen or not. The field technicians used by the company are well known within the industry with experience ranging from 15 to 38 years in the field individually.